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Swarajya Exports

SWARAJYA EXPORTS is located at Vashi in the state of Maharashtra. Mr Vaibhav Bharat Bankar is the CEO of the organization under whose headship we have been climbing new heights in the business of Fresh Fruits, Fresh Vegetables, Leafy Vegetables and Frozen Vegetables.


Process of Exports

We Do Not Tend to Give Any Credit Due To Our Policies But It Can Be Discussed As Per The Expectations Of Client.

Fine harvesting

Our field experts gather juicy, fresh and clean vegetables by sorting and grading them. There on the best stock of vegetables is selected to export.

Independent Warehouse

Swarajya export has its independent warehouse where the vegetables are handled by a special division carefully and managed by the management division.

Organic Farms

We do not sprinkle any chemical or inorganic compounds on the vegetables. Hence we export our vegetables to many countries with the top quality.

Advanced packaging

Our firm Swarajya export is loaded with plenty of farming technology tools. The selected vegetables are then packed in a container with the help of an internal net carry bag, which keeps the vegetables fresh throughout the exporting process.


Swarajya Export

Health is a Priority

We are highly concerned about your health and offer you pesticide-free fresh vegetables and fruits. Our crops strictly fulfil international quality standards and they are carefully assessed before being sent to our customers. The crops are full of biological minerals, vitamins and proteins and arrive with the same delightful taste Mother Nature.

Quality Speaks

Swarajya export means delivering quality.
We export all species of organic fruits and vegetables. We are confident of matching or exceeding customers expectations by delivering the best quality. Our fruits and vegetables are checked by the quality inspector in keeping with India’s strict export standards before supply.

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